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As discussed earlier, the Indian Travel Industry has grown by leaps and bounds. But the industry as a whole is still largely unorganised. In this scenario, what a customer really wants is a travel operator who can offer a range of travel options and services under one roof. And that’s exactly where SAJID TRAVELS step in. SAJID TRAVELS now plans to bring the world of travel at your fingertips by setting up a network of franchisees all over the country. Each of these franchisees will offer a host of travel related services under one roof and in the process, make travel a lot simpler for their customers. So now here’s a chance to be one of these franchisees and empower yourself today!


What is a Franchisee?


  • A franchise is a business arrangement where the owner SAJID TRAVELS (the franchisor) of a business concept grants you (the franchisee) the licensed right to own and operate a business based on the franchisor’s business concept, using its trademark. The franchisor helps you (the franchisee) start your business, providing training, assistance with, site development and ordering inventory, advertising and marketing support.

  • A travel franchise offers you the chance to be your own boss, while operating under the security of an established brand.

  • As a travel franchise you could see healthy profits like any established travel company without spending years concentrating on building your own brand to compete with the big boys in the industry.


  • There is need to reduce transaction costs and service turnaround times.

  • Overheads and expenses are increasing.

  • Demand for One Stop Travel Shop for all Travel Needs.

  • Smaller agents will find it difficult to compete.

  • Need for a Global Distribution Network with a wider reach.

  • Need to offer better online & self-service technology yet add value by the human touch.

  • Change in Business Requirements needs transformation of a travel executive to a travel counselor. Clients today require ancillary services and other requirements beyond the standard.

  • Service which implies the transformation of the frontend travel staff into a travel counselor, who can guide the client in a mature way.

  • Change of Product Mix - Customer want value added services and more choice for less price.

  • Franchising's primary benefit is minimized risk. Since you will associate with an already established organization, you need not worry about the risks of starting up a new business. Franchisors sell a defi ned, proven business format with products / services that have been sold successfully as compared to a new independent business which is based on both an untried idea and operation.

  • Our management teams experience also increases the potential of your success as a franchisee.

  • We also provide you management assistance, including accounting procedures, and facility management thus helping the franchisee to overcome a lack of experience in these areas.



Thus take complete control of your business by becoming our Franchise

As a SAJID TRAVELS franchisee you'll be a one-stop travel shop with an assured potential for growth. Some of the benefi ts you'll enjoy are:


  • The strong market equity of SAJID TRAVELS and its 248 year old heritage.

  • State-of-the-art cutting edge technology, software and MIS system of the highest standards.

  • Group Purchasing power through SAJID TRAVELS.

  • Uniformity of systems and operations to enhance consumer satisfaction.

  • Ability to offer a host of travel services under one roof.

  • Expert training to ensure a smooth flow of business.

  • Marketing, advertising, PR and sales support activity undertaken by SAJID TRAVELS.

  • The distinct SAJID TRAVELS look and feel to your point of operation.

  • CRM system to capture & retain your client-base.

  • Easy to use single - window booking system.

  • 24 x 7 Call Centre support.

  • Constant updates of the latest news and market information.

  • And last but not the least, an opportunity to earn across different travel products and services.


Minimum Requirements

  1. An operational business space of :

  • 250 - 500 sq.ft.
  • 500 - 1000 sq.ft.
  1. Premises should preferably be under ownership.

  2. If premises on lease it must be permissible for five years.

  3. Premises should preferably be on the ground floor.

  4. Premises should be main road facing

  5. Premises should have a provision of a Sign board which will be clearly visible.

  6. The franchise interiors and exteriors will have to follow the SAJID TRAVELS look and feel from specifications and guidelines defined by SAJID TRAVELS and the costs to be borne by you.

  7. Capital Investment of Rs. 10 to 15 Lakhs which is exclusive of the setup cost borne by you.



  1. Register yourself online to access the Franchisee Form at www.sajidtravel.com.

  2. Download, complete and sign the form. Please courier a money order or a cheque of Rs 25,000 as a processing fee along with a signed copy of your Franchisee form. This fee will be non refundable.

  3. Also enclose Your Company profile.

  4. Your Business Card.

  5. Two photographs of your office exterior clearly showing entrance and signage area (different angles).

  6. Photographs of your office interior clearly showing the entire area, visitors waiting / seating area, work stations and different floors (if applicable) and different angles.


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  • SAJID TRAVELS, A Promising Future

  • What is a Franchisee

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  • Empower Yourself


  • Your Steps to Success

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