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Have you ever wanted to belong to the most elite club of travel organizers in the world? A club that has successfully traded from 1967 taking passengers to the most challenging parts of the world to being the leader in exciting travel opportunities today.


Then we invite you to partner with a name that ranks with Sajid travels and portrays an elegance in its approach to travel that evokes an era gone by. Yet its continued success and dynamism makes it the longest established travel company in the world.

If you wish to share this unique formula of longevity and dynamism which has made SAJID TRAVELS the most up-market and successful travel company in the world, then you must be part of our franchisees. As a member of this franchisee club you will be given the tools to be the best travel organizer in your area and learn why.



The last few years have seen the Indian economy grow rapidly, resulting in the emergence of new sectors like IT, call centres & BPOs. The nation is witnessing a new breed of consumers; one with higher purchasing power and with disposable income to fuel their dreams. Add to it media exposure, evolving cultures, mobile phones, internet, television etc. This has not just changed the way we live but also the way we Travel.  This new scenario has resulted in the Travel Industry growing by leaps and bounds. Holidays today have become a necessity. Even taking more than one holiday a year is not at all unusual. Also standards of customer demands and expectations have gone up considerably and the customer, who once simply bought a ticket, now crosses into other travel services like hotel bookings, holiday planning, ancillary services etc. Hence, what the customer needs now is a one-stop travel shop that can provide him a host of travel-related services under one roof.



As per WTTC report, by year 2020 Indian tourism would contribute 850,000 crores to the GDP. In fact, worldwide, the growth of Indian tourism outpaces that of any other country. With a booming Indian economy and emergence of a new middle class, today outbound and domestic tourists far outnumber the numbers of tourist coming into the country. Opportunities for all those involved in the Tourism Industry are immense, and the changes in the industry over the years with the advent of technology have set new standards for the players involved, primarily, all India travel agencies.


Inbound Tourism

The year 2005 was the best year for inbound travel, with foreign visitor arrivals touching a record 3.9 million, resulting in international tourism receipts of Rs 262 billion. The target for 2006 has been pegged at 4.4 million inbound tourists.


Domestic Tourism

According to the ministry of tourism the total number of domestic tourists in 2005 was in the region of 300 million. There are different sub-segments to these such as adventure tourism, pilgrim tourism and leisure tourism. Pilgrim tourism still comprise 50 per cent of the total domestic movements. Domestic numbers are expected to increase by 15 per cent year-on-year.


Outbound Tourism

Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), records that outbound travel from India is growing at a rate of 10.5 percent. According to IATA India fi gures the total outbound fi gure for 2005 stood at 5.5 million tourists and it is expected to touch 7 million by the end of 2006.



SAJID TRAVELS An Illustrious Past. An Eminent Present. A Promising Future.

SAJID TRAVELS The World's oldest Travel Company.


  • Destination Management

  • Outbound Tourism

  • Domestic Holidays

  • Business Travel

  • Trade Fairs

With a strong presence across the globe, one can easily say that the key reasons behind SAJID TRAVELS immense success are:

  • A rich experience of around 248 years

  • An in-depth understanding of the travel industry.

  • Unmatched customer offerings.

  • A peerless staff of travel experts.

  • An exhaustive network of ground operators.

But while a success story of this magnitude may suffice for most, SAJID TRAVELS has now set its sights on a future, far more ambitious. With a strategic agenda of tapping the Internet seamless potential, SAJID TRAVELS launches SAJID TRAVELSonline travel portal, www.sajidtravel.com. So with now its feet firm in the offl ine travel industry and a vision to soar in the online travel Industry, SAJID TRAVELS looks forward to revolutionise the way people look at travel. And now what it needs the most, is you.


Today, it is one of the world's leading travel companies, offering a host of travel related services: